Cooper&Hunter Monoblock Air Conditioner a Big Hit at AHR Expo 2017

Las Vegas, NV, Feb. 1, 2017 AHR Expo Booth N12131 – Cooper&Hunter, a globally acclaimed manufacturer of a wide range of HVAC equipment, has introduced the new concept of air conditioner in a shape of monoblock. It is unique through the wall unit without external condenser for cooling or heating of any type of premise: house, condo, apartment, hotel/motel, office and more. Two duct holes of 6.4 inches each are used instead of a bulky external condenser. It uses self-opening vents that fold open when in operation and close when the unit is turned off. The vents prevent dust, noise and insects from getting in.

The innovative brushless DC electric motor inverter control guarantees optimal temperature and humidity level, with less noise and less energy consumption.

Quiet, slim and easy to install, Monoblock represents the next generation of room air conditioners. Sleek and luxury – it takes the concept of room air conditioners to a whole new level. With a depth of less than 7 inches, Monoblock from Cooper&Hunter is by far the slimmest unit in the category of product.

The new product was showcased during AHR Show 2007 in Las Vegas for the first time. The people were waiting in line for opportunity to come closer and ask questions to our representatives.

Some of the show guests comments:

"This air conditioner is something absolutely new. I love the idea that no outdoor unit necessary," one visitor said.

"Finally there is something on the market, which does not require professional HVAC installation." said another.

"This unit is so cute and not bulky as others. It can match any interior," one impressed woman remarked.

"I did not expect that indoor unit with electric motor inside, produces such a low noise," shared his surprise one of the current Cooper&Hunter clients.

Some of the top benefits of Cooper&Hunter Monoblock are:

  • Beautiful slim design 
  • Maintains the aesthetic of your building with no outdoor unit required
  • Very easy to install (DIY), with no pipework needed and no addition refrigeration gas required
  • Equally easy to remove and to re-install elsewhere
  • Low noise level – much better than portable or TTW air conditioners
  • Multi applications: High Wall, Low Wall or Floor Console
  • Fresh air exchange

About Cooper&Hunter:For more than 20 years, Cooper&Hunter have offered a full range of air conditioning products to HVAC distributors in more than 30 countries. During last 10 years COOPER&HUNTER equipment has become very popular all over the world. The number of products yielded under the brand C&H (COOPER&HUNTER) is measured in millions of items now and the C&H itself has become a mark of quality and reliability of HVAC equipment. The company’s goal has always been to give the customers the best quality air conditioners for an affordable price.Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Comfortside LLC is an exclusive master dealer of Cooper&Hunter in USA and Canada.

Media Contact: Irina Khvorostiana
Tel: 1-786-953-6706 

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