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INTERIOR DESIGN | 3 Steps To Make an Unused Space Livable - Guest House Renovation


This space is really becoming something special!  Be sure to comment below and tell me what projects you're currently working on!

Cooper & Hunter Mini Split A/C with Heat:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B8QYCG4/

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The Design Sessions were created to help you make your home beautiful. It doesn't matter if you're just getting started or are well on your way to becoming an expert, the Design Sessions will give you everything you need to decorate and design your home with confidence. Once you join, you will have access to 50+ in-depth training sessions. 

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Wood Laptop Stand:https://bit.ly/34uXCbJ​ 

Longer Leather Sofa (Timber):http://bit.ly/2W59ydX​ 

Shorter Leather Sofa (Sven):http://bit.ly/2YVEpiY

Circle Jute Rug:https://bit.ly/2J8fGyb​ 


Desk Chair:https://bit.ly/3ahwsHg​ 

 Floor Lamp:https://bit.ly/3aiFio0​ 

Rolling File Cabinet:https://bit.ly/3aq7Bkg​ 

Accent Chair:https://bit.ly/3afSYQB​ 

Accent Stool:https://bit.ly/2J8IBCr​ 

Ceramic Stand:https://bit.ly/33UqZUM​ 

Rattan Plant Stand:https://bit.ly/2MLDriC​ 


Dining Table:http://bit.ly/2W49knw​ 

Dining Chairs:http://bit.ly/2VXDB7r​ 

Wood Sideboard:https://bit.ly/2Jb1JQ0​ 

Jute Textured Rug:https://bit.ly/3iX2cp7​ 

Similar Wall Clock:https://bit.ly/2JvTFfM​ 

Wood Bowl:https://bit.ly/304GtEm​ 

Blue Mountain Print:https://bit.ly/360Gs8l​ 


Wool Rug:http://bit.ly/2W1FFvo​ 

Coffee Tablehttp://bit.ly/2W5acIp​ 

Black Metal Sconce:http://bit.ly/2W1CqE3​ 

Grand Canyon Art Print:http://bit.ly/2FtURMj​ 

Leather Accent Chairhttp://bit.ly/2VXMA8M​ 

Santorini Print:http://bit.ly/2Fzu01o

Windmill Art Print:http://bit.ly/2zo6CR1​ 

Desert Lake Print:http://bit.ly/2FABKQN​ 

Wood End Table:http://bit.ly/2YvEl9S​ 

Woven Basket Plant Stands:https://bit.ly/307KlFT​ 

Woven Pom Pom Pillow:http://bit.ly/2MKDN92​ 

Linen Curtains:http://bit.ly/2YG4EtB


Frame TV:http://bit.ly/2YwSuUv​ 

Platform Bed:http://bit.ly/2W2iHUC​ 

Living Spaces Canopy Bed:http://bit.ly/39v7LYG

Culla Nightstand:http://bit.ly/2W18p7d​ 

Wood Desk:http://bit.ly/2LCyLMf​ 

Desk Chair:http://bit.ly/30QIxOn

Circle  Mirror:http://bit.ly/2TIDSiz

Jute Rug:http://bit.ly/311VMMQ​ 

Striped Rug:https://bit.ly/2QnQFmb​ 

Cream Patterned Area Rug:http://bit.ly/2FO2LjL​ 

Long Cream Lumbar Pillow:http://bit.ly/2UCpPun​ 

Wood Floor Mirror:http://bit.ly/2M6fS3L​ 

Duvet Cover:http://bit.ly/2YqwhTL​ 

The Coziest Sheets Ever:http://bit.ly/2YuAfL8​ 

Gray Linen Sofa (Sven):http://bit.ly/2W5OxjH​ 

Linen & Wood Arm Chair:http://bit.ly/2YwmS19​ 

Linen Gray Bench:http://bit.ly/2HKyNQl

Industrial Window Print:http://bit.ly/2FBxP69​ 

White & Sage Barn Print:http://bit.ly/2FzrsQR​ 

White Car Print:http://bit.ly/2FBz4Ce​ 

Desert Print:http://bit.ly/2FAxr7S

Black Curtain Rods:http://bit.ly/2NtArcK​ 



Cooper & Hunter Mini Split A/C with Heat:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B8QYCG4/

Corner Shower:https://bit.ly/393xBV8

Bjorksnas Bed:https://bit.ly/38Fne7T

Bjorksnas Side Tables:https://bit.ly/3vC1Vi7


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Videography by Angela Johnson 

Editing by Jessie Karach 

Royalty-free music by Epidemic Sound or SoundStripe

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