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C&H Product Introduction at AHR Expo 2020

"We want to make sure we have something for everyone, in all forms of applications. And that's why Cooper&Hunter is innovative with everything we do."

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Cooper&Hunter Enters the Fighting Ring in Estonia
News Nov / 26 / 2019
Cooper&Hunter Enters the Fighting Ring in Estonia On November 23, the Cooper&Hunter logo could be seen on every corner of the Tondiraba Ice Arena in Tallinn for the Estonian Fighting Network's "Number 1 Fight Show".
Introducing Sophia Superior
News Sep / 23 / 2019
Introducing Sophia Superior Cooper&Hunter has expanded their most successful product series by introducing the new Sophia Superior Single-Zone Mini-Split Wall Mount. With up to 25 SEER, GoldFin anti-corrosive coating, and a 5 to 7 Year Limited Warranty, there is no doubt that this product will competently rival comparable models of even the most trusted household names.