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Cooper&Hunter Launched New Series of Hyper Heat Pump Mini Splits - Dakota

With a launch of Dakota series we are looking to expand Cooper&Hunter sales in cold-weather states, shifting seasonal nature of our business to all-year-round

While extremely popular Sophia series already won the preferences of the consumers, Dakota Series features higher efficiency and superior performance with improved heating capacity at very low ambient conditions. New units guarantee warm air flow from the start, which is critical in cold climate conditions where heating performance truly counts. When temperatures reach 36ºF, a built-in heater warms the base of the outdoor unit so that condensation doesn't freeze. Without such a heater, freezing condensate can cause noise, damage to the fan blade, condenser, and system performance.

Announcing the launch of the new hyper heat air conditioners, the CEO of Comfortside LLC Marat Terchiyev stated, “With a launch of Dakota series we arelooking to expand Cooper&Hunter sales in cold-weather states, shifting seasonal nature of our business to all-year-round.” 

Besides, thanks to freezing protection feature you can keep your room temperature steady at 46 ° F and prevent your house from freezing when it is unoccupied in winter time. The Dakota Series also offers multiple fan speeds, high density silver ion filters, GoldFin anti-corrosive coating and optional Wi-Fi control.

Cooper&Hunter Hyper Heat system of the new generation is a significantly cost-saving. They can substitute maintenance-intensive heating solutions, like gas, oil, wood, or propane-based heating systems. Dakota system has Energy Star rating with are up to 25 SEER, that you can actually save money on your energy bill. 

Dakota is ideal for both residential and business, especially such as winter houses, small offices, computer rooms, retail, restaurants and schools, to name a few applications. 

Dakota Series outdoor models are compatible with a variety of Sophia series indoor styles, including ductless wall-mount, slim cassette, ceiling - floor consoles, floor console and duct, made for a wide range of installation possibilities.

Dakota models deliver from 9,000 to 24,000 Btu/h cooling capacity and 10,900 to 24,000 Btu/h heating capacity. Cooper&Hunter hyper-heat system operates very quietly and runs at 55.5 - 60 dB(A). This is an excellent additional advantage in terms of comfort.

Being a ductless mini split heat pump system, a hyper-heat Dakota unit is easy to install. It doesn’t need any bulky ductwork and it can seamlessly blend into your home’s interior design.

With hyper-heat technology, home owners can enjoy year-round comfort even when the outside temperature reaches subfreezing point. For the best hyper-heat systems, check out for more details at Cooper&Hunter website.

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