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49,995 HVAC experts visited 2018 AHR EXPO in Chicago. 9,830 from them are international visitors from 169 countries. 18,612 visitors attended the show for the first time.

The company demonstrated various new and already popular high-quality, reliable and durable heating and cooling solutions, including Ducted Light commercial systems, fitting to any small or average size business premises or residential houses. Based on specific needs and requirements, Cooper&Hunter duct systems can be paired either with single outdoor unit of Sophia Series, connected to Multi zone outdoor unit or in case of bigger capacity to Light Commercial  outdoor unit.

Light Commercial Duct systems have a lot of advanced functions such as:

-  Flexible horizontal or vertical installation (available for 24K-48K BTU/h) to fit any space

-  Fresh air function improves the quality of the indoor air, making it healthy and comfortable.

-  Built-in drain pump lifting water up to 30”.

-  7-day programmable wired remote control allows to set on/off three times a day and auto restart in case of a power failure

-  Slim Design and low noise

-  Increased length of pipe limits

Some other most popular products exhibited during AHR Expo 2018:

  1. Sophia Series — heat pump solution with additional features (single and multi zone)

– Energy Star certified
– Wi-Fi ready
– GoldFin anti-corrosion coating 
– Single zone wall-type mini splits with up to 22.8 SEER

Sophia series multi-zone units: wall mount, ceiling cassette, slim duct, mini floor console and universal floor/ceiling. 
Sophia series units can work under low ambient temperatures up to -13 °F.

  1. Karolina Series — our most advanced and beautifully designed heat pump single zone

– Energy Star certified
– Wi-Fi 
– GoldFin anti-corrosion coating
– Active carbon and silver ion filters
– High SEER rating – up to 27 SEER

Cooper&Hunter at AHR Expo 2018

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