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Slim Ducts offer an inconspicuous solution, hidden in ceiling crawl spaces, without the energy loss associated with central ducted systems. Slim Ducts provide flexibility of installation as, for example, the ducts can be directed into separate areas which are collectively controlled by one wall thermostat. 

VOLTAGE 208/230V, 1PH, 60HZ
SEER 17.4

Technical data

Indoor fan motor Input 560.0 W
Indoor fan motor RLA 2.0 A
Indoor fan motor Speed 890/820/840 r/min
ESP Range 0-160 Pa
ESP Range 0-0.64 In. wg.
Indoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo) 50.5/49.5/46 dB(A)
Design pressure 550/340 PSIG
Drainage water pipe diameter ODФ25 mm
Refrigerant piping Liquid side/gas side 3/8" 5/8" inch
Room temperature Cooling 62~90 °F
Room temperature Heating 32~86 °F
Operation temperature 62~86 °F
Indoor unit dimensions (WxDxH) 47x34x12 inch
Indoor unit packing (WxDxH) 55x36x14 inch
Indoor unit Net/Gross weight 120/142 lbs.


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