c o o l i n a n h e a t i n s o l u t i o n s
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VOLTAGE (208~230V/60HZ)
Power Supply 208-230V/60Hz
Cooling Capacity 27,000 Btu/h
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Technical data

System Type Heat Pump
Cooling Capacity (Min-Max) 27,000 (6,630-30,600) Btu/h
Heating Capacity (Min-Max) 28,000 (3,690-32,860) Btu/h
Ambient temperature - Cooling -13...122 °F
Ambient temperature - Cooling -13...86 °F
Compressor Type rotary
Sound Pressure Level 63.4 dB(A)
Unit dimension (W*H*D) 37.24x16.14x31.89 inches
Net/Gross Weight 149.91/160.94 lbs
Refrigerant/Charge R410A/98.8 oz
Port Size (Liquid - Gas/Suction) 3x1/4"-3x3/8" inch
Max. Total Piping Length 148 ft
Max. Equivalent Length (Outdoor to last Indoor Unit) 82 ft
Max. Elevation (Outdoor to Indoor Unit) 33 ft