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Residential Air Conditioners

Cooper&Hunter air conditioners are applicable for every residential use, from individual office spaces to multi room properties. You can choose among single and multi zone ductless mini splits or air conditioners without outdoor condenser - Monoblock, Portable or PTAC units. Wide range of residential HVAC equipment will satisfy your needs either for cooling or heating, with the most advanced features, different capacities and energy ratings you want.

Single Zone Mini Splits
Wall-mounted Series
Picture 9,000 BTU 12,000 BTU 18,000 BTU 24,000 BTU 30,000 BTU 36,000 BTU
CH-09DKT230VI/O (208-230V/60HZ) CH-12DKT230VI/O (208-230V/60HZ) CH-18DKT230VI/O (208-230V/60HZ) CH-24DKT230VI/O (208-230V/60HZ)
CH09KRL230VI/CH09KRL230VO (208-230V/60HZ) CH12KRL230VI/CH12KRL230VO (208-230V/60HZ) CH18KRL230VI/CH18KRL230VO (208-230V/60HZ) CH24KRL230VI/CH24KRL230VO (208-230V/60HZ)
CH09VCT115VI/CH09VCT115VO (115V/60HZ) CH09VCT230VI/CH09VCT230VO (208~230V/60HZ) GWH09QC-A3DNA1D (115V/60HZ) GWH09QC-D3DNA1D (208~230V/60HZ) CH12VCT115VI/CH12VCT115VO (115V/60HZ) CH12VCT230VI/CH12VCT230VO (208~230V/60HZ) GWH12QC-A3DNA1D (115V/60HZ) GWH12QC-D3DNA1D (208~230V/60HZ) CH18VCT230VI/CH18VCT230VO (208~230V/60HZ) GWH18QD-D3DNA1G (208~230V/60HZ) CH24VCT230VI/CH24VCT230VO (208~230V/60HZ) GWH24QE-D3DNA1D (208~230V/60HZ) CH30VCT230VI/CH30VCT230VO (208~230V/60HZ) GWH30LB-D3DNA5E (208~230V/60HZ) CH36VCT230VI/CH36VCT230VO (208~230V/60HZ) GWH36LB-D3DNA5E (208~230V/60HZ)
CH-09SPH-115VI/CH-09SPH-115VO (115V/60HZ) CH-09SPH-230VI/CH-09SPH-230VO (208-230V/60HZ) CH-12SPH-115VI/CH-12SPH-115VO (115V/60HZ) CH-12SPH-230VI/CH-12SPH-230VO (208-230V/60HZ) CH-18SPH-230VI/CH-18SPH-230VO (208-230V/60HZ) CH-24SPH-230VI/CH-24SPH-230VO (208-230V/60HZ) CH-30SPH-230VI / CH-30SPH-230VO (WiFi Ready) (208~230V/60HZ) CH-36SPH-230VI / CH-36SPH-230VO (WiFi Ready) (208~230V/60HZ)
CH09ACE115VI /CH09ACE115VO (115V/60HZ) CH09ACE230VI /CH09ACE230VO (208~230V/60HZ) GWH09KF-A3DNB4A (115V/60HZ) GWH09KF-D3DNB4F (208~230V/60HZ) CH12ACE115VI /CH12ACE115VO (115V/60HZ) CH12ACE230VI/CH12ACE230VO (208~230V/60HZ) GWH12KF-A3DNB4A (115V/60HZ) GWH12KF-D3DNB4F (208~230V/60HZ) CH18ACE230VI/CH18ACE230VO (208~230V/60HZ) GWH18KG-D3DNB4F (208~230V/60HZ) CH24ACE230VI/CH24ACE230VO (208~230V/60HZ) GWH24KG-D3DNB4A (208~230V/60HZ)