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The best-selling Sophia Series features Single and Multi-Zone options for dependable cooling and heating in any home, office, or business. Ranging in capacities from 9K to  36K Btu/h, this energy-efficient ductless solution can reach up to 25 SEER. The super-silent outdoor condensers can be matched one-to-one with all indoor model types, including Wall Mounts, Ceiling Cassettes, Universal Floor/Ceiling Types, Mini Floor Consoles, and Slim Ducts. 

  • voltage: (115V/60HZ)
  • seer: 22,5
  • voltage: (115V/60HZ)
  • seer: 21,5
  • voltage: (208-230V/60HZ)
  • seer: 20,8
  • voltage: (208-230V/60HZ)
  • seer: 20,5
CH-30SPH-230VI / CH-30SPH-230VO (WiFi Ready)
  • voltage: (208~230V/60HZ)
  • seer: 18
CH-36SPH-230VI / CH-36SPH-230VO (WiFi Ready)
  • voltage: (208~230V/60HZ)
  • seer: 16
  • voltage: (115V/60HZ)
  • seer: 25