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Founded in 1996
More than 20 years of experience
In more than 50 countries

Innovative production technology

We use the most advanced technology to manufacture our products. All of them undergo strict quality control to ensure they are fit to the declared characteristics and high quality.



With more than 20 years of experience in air conditioning and ventilation, Cooper&Hunter has grown into a leading HVAC market player. The brand is dedicated to technological innovation and consumer-driven product development, generating HVAC equipment that adheres to the highest quality standards, providing reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective air conditioning solutions.

While products under the Cooper&Hunter brand are distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide, the brand’s growth within the US market has been rapid. Cooper&Hunter stands out from big-name brands by providing quality support to customers and technicians alike, with their in-house technical support team offering troubleshooting and warranty support Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm in 5 different languages (including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, and Ukrainian). 


For over 20 years Cooper&Hunter has provided quality HVAC solutions to customers around the globe. In 2017, the company entered into definitive agreements for a long-term strategic partnership with Zhuhai Vino Environmental Technology Equipment Co. LTD., which took on the new name: Zhuhai Vino – Cooper&Hunter Environmental Technology Equipment Co. LTD. Since then, C&H has continued to expand its product range to include a variety of air conditioning and air quality solutions including single and multi zone mini splits, PTACs, portables, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and more. In 2022 Cooper&Hunter introduced two new mini split series in addition to commercial VRF systems and a brand new AHU line. 

Cooper&Hunter has attended the AHR Expo for 5 years, each of which has offered an opportunity to make new connections, onboard new prospects, and introduce the brand’s product line up to HVAC industry professionals.

Cooper&Hunter works closely with their partners to make sure that everyone is educated on their product range, including distributors, sales representatives, and technicians. In recent years, C&H has hosted several training courses in which attendees get hands-on experience with the units while having an opportunity to ask questions directly to the brand’s sales representatives and engineers. 

In 2017, Cooper&Hunter became an official sponsor of the NHL’s Florida Panthers hockey team. This partnership has allowed C&H brand exposure to fans in the FLA Live Arena as well as through televised events. Some of the activations with the Panthers team have included C&H-themed takeover nights, a flash mob, and parachute drops. In 2022, C&H and the Panthers came together for a successful Panthers-themed Fan Cave Makeover sweepstakes giveaway. 

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A washable, long-life filter is included as a standard part.


Fan speed rotation is automatically controlled to achieve optimum efficiency and comfort.


Fresh air can be introduced into rooms with an optional adapter or direct connection to the air return segment of the unit.


Selectable Fan Speeds are available.


Intelligent motion sensing technology enables auto ON/OFF, auto fan, and auto temperature adjustments based on movement and occupancy of the room.


The optional 3D air-flow panel, which includes an LED display and adjustable horizontal and vertical lovers, enables system control with a Cooper&Hunter wireless remote controller.


The optional humidity sensor allows access to more precise dehumidification control.


CHV ceiling cassettes and wall mounts include lovers who swing automatically for even air distribution.


Indoor units can be controlled via C&H wireless remote controller when a wireless receiver is installed. CHV wall mounts include a wireless receiver, but it is an optional accessory for other model types.


CHV units create minimum sound pressure during operation.


The target temperature of indoor units can be set as low as 60°E


Indoor units can be controlled with a wireless remote controller featuring an LCD display.


Compact indoor units can be conveniently transported and installed, even in small spaces.


CHV indoor units come in a wide range of capacities across 5 different indoor model types.


CHV indoor units provide convenient access to filters and other important components for easy upkeep and increased longevity.


Some CHV indoor models are equipped with a drain pump to pull condensation upward and remove water from the units with a drainage height of up to 33.4 inches.

LED display

An LED display is practical while offering a modern look to the A/C unit.

Intelligent preheating

Intelligent Preheating

Coil heats up before HEAT mode starts to avoid pushing cold air through

Follow me

Follow Me mode allows the remote control to act as the temperature sensor, instead of the unit itself. This can help to cool/heat the specific area that is occupied by the user.

Louver memory

When unit is turned on, it will automatically resume the previously set louver angle.

Automatic operation

Unit can automatically choose from COOL or HEAT mode to achieve desired temperature.


When the unit detects malfunction, it displays Error Codes which can help identify appropriate troubleshooting.

Auto swing

To direct air throughout the room, the louver may be set to swing continuously.

Goldfin coating

GoldFin anti-corrosive coating is intended to prevent bacteria breeding and improve heat transfer efficiency. The unique coating protects the condenser from salty air, rain, and other corrosive elements.

Inverter technology

The latest evolution of A/C technology saves energy as the compressor never turns off, but rather reduces electricity it needs for continuous heating and cooling.

Smart KIT Ready

Our Wireless Ready units can be operated via the C&H Remote app on iOS and Android mobile devices when a C&H WiFi kit is installed.

Multiple fan speeds

The mini split fan may be set to LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, or AUTO.

Auto-restart function

lf the air conditioner shuts off unexpectedly due to power outage, it will automatically restart with the previously set mode when the power resumes


Users may use the remote to set the unit to start and stop automatically in a 24h period.

Sleep mode

Sleep Mode saves energy and maintains comfort by allowing the temperature to increase by 2°F 30 minutes after selected. The temperature increases by another 2°F after an additional 30 minutes. This new temperature will is maintained for 6 hours before the function switches off.