NewsJul • 22 • 2022
294554627_569990261315222_6364530727609669144_n COOPER&HUNTER

Cooper&Hunter is now stocking a full line of VRF equipment, opening the brand up to the US commercial HVAC market. The CHV6 Urban series introduces the brand’s first heat recovery systems, which utilize 3 refrigerant pipes to provide simultaneous cooling and heating throughout a building or can be adapted into heat pumps with only 2 refrigerant pipes. CHV6 Urban ranges from 72K-192K Btu/h in single chassis or up to 456K Btu/h in modular systems. CHV6 Mini Urban systems (available in 36K, 48K, 60K) offer a heat pump solution for smaller applications.

The new commercial VRF line is complimented by a variety of accessories including BMS (Business Management System) adapters, touch-screen central controllers (to manage up to 160 indoor units), AHU kits (with electronic expansion valve and main board for any AHU or DX coil), and WiFi adapters. Once connected to the WiFi adapter, up to 4 iOS or Android devices can be used to control up to 64 indoor units. Humidity sensors, motion sensors, and infrared receivers are also available.