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Cooper&Hunter is preparing for a new season


According to the recent joint survey by ASHRAE Journal and AHR Expo among 1,400 HVAC&R manufacturers worldwide, 27% believed their business would increase by more than 10% this year. 22% of respondents indicated business growth of less than 5%, with 11% saying business activity would remain the same for 2017. Only 2% anticipated their business would decrease in 2017. Cooper&Hunter is one of the biggest optimists and there are couple of reasons for that.

How are we going to get bigger business share?

1) Cooper&Hunter is introducing number of new products to target different segments, e.g. Monoblock. Besides, we are widening exististing product lines, e.g. Sophia Multi Zone, PTAC, Dehumidifiers.

2) Exploring new markets and looking for potential partners. Since the beginning of 2017, Cooper&Hunter participated in 4 specialized trade shows: in US, Spain, Poland and Slovenia with 2 more upcoming expos till the end of 1H 2017. Current C&H products distribution is covering more than 30 countries and it tends to grow rapidly.

3) Getting prepared for new season with the existing and new customer visits across US and Canada. There is nothing like a face-to-face with the customer in his/her place of business. As the business owners are not typically that busy, our account managers can score some quality time with decision makers getting to know how we can help them to be more successful.

4) Field trips to visit retail shops and supply houses is also a great idea to meet installers, HVAC engineers and end users and to get their direct feedback.

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