NewsApr • 21 • 2022
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More and more Americans have been exchanging their air conditioning systems, most of which are traditional window air conditioners or wall air conditioners, into modern mini-split air conditioners.

What is a mini-split air conditioner?

The construction of a mini-split air conditioner consists of two units – a small internal unit located inside the building and an external air conditioning unit, located outside the building.


Let’s consider advantages and disadvantages of both systems.

  • Comfort. Traditional air conditioners often make the air in the room too hot or too cold. Mini-split air conditioners regulate temperature in the room in increments of 1 ̊F. Precise control is possible due to the inverter compressors which can change the discharge depending on the needs of cold or heat. All this is achieved with a minimum of power consumption. In addition to the above mini-split air conditioners are controlled by a remote control (you can change settings without getting up!), but built in wall or window air conditioners require “manual control”.
  • Noise level. Most models of air conditioners mounted in a wall or window make noise, because due to their construction the noisiest element, the compressor, is actually operating inside the room. Mini-split air conditioners are near silent, as the compressor unit is located outside and is separated by the wall. Sound emission is about 20 dB. For comparison, the rustle of leaves in the garden at breeze produces 40 dB, in other words the mini-split air conditioner indoor unit operates with half the noise. Its quiet operation will not interfere with your sleep and will not disturb your neighbors as well.
  • Energy efficiency. In terms of energy efficiency, split air conditioners are undisputed leaders. Some wall or window units of course have the desirable ENERGYSTAR rating, but they are still not comparable with SEER rated appliances, which mini-split air conditioners are. Thanks to inverter technology, energy savings is 40%, which means this system accordingly saves your money.
  • Safety. No matter where you set the window or wall air conditioner it reduces the safety of your house due to the large opening in the wall, which could be used by thieves. It is much safer to install a mini-split air conditioner. The opening in the wall is just 20 inches that does not violate the overall integrity of the walls while reducing the risk of invasion into your house.
  • Ability to control different zones. It is possible to connect one or more internal split air conditioners to one external unit. If you connect two or more units you will get a multi zone split-system. The internal units of a split system can be installed in different zones of the house, which gives you the ability to control the temperature separately for each room. Climate in each zone is regulated by the remote control. A typical air conditioning system cools all rooms to the same temperature setting.
  • Design and interior. Both the internal and external units of mini-split air conditioner have a compact size and minimalist contemporary design. Also, the key point is that you yourself can choose where to install the external unit, in order to preserve the beauty of the facade of your house.
  • Price and service life. You can be confused by the price of a split air conditioner. After all, it is more expensive than traditional window or wall air conditioning systems. However, due to its innovative compressor it is guaranteed to operate for 5 years. Service life of mini-split air conditioners can also reach up to 10 or 12 years! At the same time they will save you energy every day! They provide excellent comfort, saving you money as time goes. You will easily make back the initial costs.