Top Flow The Urban Series Heat Recovery system is a versatile and efficient solution for commercial and industrial applications. You can connect it with a Switch Box, allowing for the integration of indoor units and AHUs, and maximizing energy efficiency through air-side heat recovery. With a capacity ranging 8 ton, it caters to various cooling and heating demands. The system holds AHRI and ETL certifications, ensuring its performance and safety standards. Overall, it provides a reliable and effective heat recovery solution for creating a perfect indoor climate control system Heat Recovery System The Urban Series utilizes a Heat Recovery System to create an optimized and simultaneous heating and cooling environment, providing flexible air solutions. This system allows for efficient heat transfer and energy recovery, enabling the building to maintain comfortable temperatures in different zones simultaneously. With its flexible design, the Urban Series offers a versatile and customizable approach to indoor climate control, catering to various heating and cooling requirements Up to 38 Ton Module Capacity The Urban Series offers four frame and module combinations with a cooling capacity of up to 38 tons. It optimizes space utilization and provides personalized system solutions for various commercial and industrial applications Bottom Anti-Frosting Structure The Urban Series employs an extended heat exchanger circuit to ensure effective frost removal. The design prevents melted frost from solidifying as it reaches the condensate drain, leading to smooth discharge and longer defrost intervals. This optimization enhances energy efficiency and system performance, making it a reliable and efficient choice for climate control applications Intelligent PTT Defrosting Program The Intelligent Defrosting Logic is an innovative solution for frost removal in outdoor units. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine the perfect timing for defrosting based on environmental factors. This approach saves energy and maximizes user comfort by reducing unnecessary defrost cycles and ensuring a consistent indoor temperature Intelligent Double Back-Up Protection Cooper&Hunter VRF systems have standard double back-up systems that ensure uninterrupted indoor comfort even if any compressor or unit within the same modular combination fails. Other compressors and/or units automatically step up their operation to compensate for the failure, ensuring continuous heating or cooling and providing a reliable and efficient solution for users

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Max. quantity of zones
EER up to
BTU Rated
Power source
208-230V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Max. pipe length (ft)
Refrigerant type
Compressor brand
Scroll Comp
Refrigerant piping Liquid/Gas side (inch)
7/8" / 3/4" / 3/8"